squash1 [skwôsh, skwäsh]
[OFr esquasser < VL * exquassare < L ex-, intens. + quassus: see QUASH2]
a) to squeeze or crush into a soft or flat mass
b) to press or squeeze tightly or too tightly
2. to suppress or bring to an abrupt end; quash [to squash a rebellion]
3. Informal to silence or disconcert (another) in a crushing manner
1. to be squashed, as by a heavy fall, pressure, etc.
2. to make a sound of squashing or splashing
3. to force one's way; crowd; squeeze
1. something squashed; crushed mass
2. a squashing or being squashed
3. the sound of squashing
4. either of two similar games combining elements of both tennis and handball; specif.,
a) one played in a four-walled court with a small, long-handled racket and a small rubber ball: in full squash racquets
b) one played in a similar court, but with a larger racket and a larger, livelier ball: in full squash tennis
5. Brit. a drink made of sweetened fruit juice or fruit-flavored syrup diluted with water [lemon squash]
1. so as to squash
2. with a squashing sound
☆ squash2 [skwôsh, skwäsh ]
[shortened < isquoutersquashes, squontersquashes, pl. < S New England Algonquian: cf. Narragansett askútasquash, pl.]
1. the fleshy fruit of any of various plants (genus Cucurbita) of the gourd family, eaten as a vegetable
2. a plant, usually a vine, bearing this fruit

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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